How Tuition Works

There is a one time registration fee of $35.00 per family. Monthly Tuition is $100 and includes: Weekly Lessons, Master Classes, Summer Piano Camp & Recitals. There are no extra charges for recitals, master classes or piano camp. The Tuition is $100 regardless of how many weeks there are in the month. Because each student needs their own piano in class, makeup lessons are not available. The number of months with 5 weeks usually compensates for vacation or illnesses. Tuition is prorated when lessons are begun mid month and is due at the end of each month.

Tuition is DUE the last week of the month. $10.00 late fee for payment made after the first of the following month.

Acceptable Payment Methods:
  • Auto Bill Pay - This is the easiest way for most families.
  • Cash - Please seal cash in an envelope and write your student's name on it.
  • Check - Please make checks payable to Coralie Harless.

Master Classes

Master Classes occur once a year. They are groups of 8-12 students who gather for a one hour class to perform for each other. It teaches them to prepare their piece and their presentation for practice outside the formal piano recital. Additionally, composer histories are explored. We play games to teach theory & technique. It's great fun!

I took piano lessons from her for five years during which time I gained a greater love for the piano, I would highly recommend Coralie as a piano teacher.

- Andrea Wiser, Student -

Piano Camp

Summer curriculum expands the piano student's musical horizons. We continue to build and develop upon these experiences during fall semester. This is the most effective way I've found to teach students how to apply what they learn on the piano to the bigger world of music, both vocally and with other musicians. We learn to play in ensembles. We teach stories behind the classics in the music world. We improve rhythm while playing with drums and expand relevant chord knowledge and experience when learning a little guitar. This has been a favorite tradition for everyone, young and old a like. Regular school year curriculum just doesn't allow for the depth or foundation that summer lessons provide.

Coralie is an accomplished and outstanding teacher. My two daughters have taken lessons from her for 4 years and they both have made amazing progress with her. Her excellent attitude and musical ability are evident in all aspects of her teaching. My daughters enjoy their lessons and it shows in their progress.

- Diane Hawkins -


Recitals are kept short and sweet and are held in the spring of each year where we welcome family and friends to join us.