My Goal has always been to provide high quality instruction, giving students a solid foundation in performance, theory and music history.

Coralie Harless | Instructor
I really don't think any other teacher could have given them anywhere close to the positive experiences or the rapid learning that they have had with Coralie. I absolutely highly recommend Coralie Harless to everyone as their piano teacher!
Shelly Brown | Parent
I had taken piano for 5 years before taking from Coralie. I hated to practice! I was not advancing and I was not being very challenged, so it was not fun. My mom bribed me to start taking from Coralie, but I am so glad she did. I learned more from her in a year than I had in my past five years combined.
Ashley | Former Student
Coralie is an accomplished and outstanding teacher. My two daughters have taken lessons from her for 4 years and they both have made amazing progress with her. Her excellent attitude and musical ability are evident in all aspects of her teaching.
Diane Hawkins | Parent
Hunter took private lessons with Coralie initially and I thought that was great, but his real progress and learning came when she started the group lessons. Having to keep pace with the other students and his competition to try to be better than the rest has been very motivating for Hunter to practice.
Sandy Pruett | Parent
Coralie Harless has a great gift for teaching. She teaches much more than piano...history, theory, accompanying skills, and most of all, confidence. Coralie knows how to motivate, develop, and train students to become true pianists.
Michelle Stark | Music Teacher
When my daughter Laura began taking lessons with Coralie Harless, we were pleased with the rapid progress made in many directions. Coralie provided lots of rich and varied pieces of music for Laura to play. Coralie influenced Laura. She was not just a teacher but also a mentor and inspiration.
Mike | Parent
There just aren't enough words to express how deeply we have valued Coralie Harless as a music instructor and mentor to our daughter. Allison started and finished her piano career with Coralie and enjoyed every single minute.
Wanda Hom | Parent
I have known Coralie for 15 years and hold her in the highest regard both personally and professionally. She is an outstanding teacher and pianist-- dedicated to sharing her time and talents with the students and to helping them develop their own musical gifts.
Deena Cummings | Parent
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Piano books are an additional expense. We start with these two books by James Bastien. These may be purchased at a local music store or at many online retailers like Sheet Music Plus. I like Sheet Music Plus because its local in Berkeley Ca, and materials usually arrive within 4-5 days.

Piano vs. Keyboard

Every piano teacher would love for their students to begin on a real piano. There is a lot to be said about the touch that develops, or the quality of technique that they can hear and work towards. Not every family has the luxury of a piano to begin with so keyboards are a good option for the very early years of study. There are a few things to know before purchasing them.

There is a wide variety of keyboards. They can have many different features but here are the essential ones:
  • A minimum of 61 keys, (a full sized keyboard has 88 keys)
  • Touch sensitive keys, (keyboards with weighted keys are much better but cost much more)
  • You can get a 61 key keyboard for $100 - $125 at Walmart, Costco, Sam's, Target etc. Craigslist is a good way to find used but quality keyboards often for under $60.

How Tuition Works

Registration fee is $35.00/family.  Monthly Tuition is $100.00, due first week of month and includes weekly lessons, Master Classes, summer piano camp & recitals. The number of months with 5 weeks helps to balance out vacations or illnesses. $10.00 late fee if tuition is not paid by 30th.

Acceptable Payment Methods:
  • Auto Bill Pay - This is the easiest way for most families.
  • Cash - Please seal cash in an envelope and write your student's name on it.
  • Check - Please make checks payable to Coralie Harless.

Master Classes

Master Classes are groups of 8-12 students who prepare pieces to present outside the formal piano recital.  We study composers, theory, techniques & skills through games &  presentations.

Piano Camp

This is the most effective way I've found to teach students how to apply what they learn on the piano to the big world of music.  It expands their horizons when we play in ensembles, are exposed to other instruments, develop chords for daily use and engage in music history.  Our school year curriculum just doesn't allow for the depth that summer lessons provide.  Students who learn with this kind of depth love music more.

Want To Get Started?

Send me an Email, it's the best way to connect.  Tell me about your student then let's set up an appointment to meet.  It only takes 15-20 minutes but gives you a good idea if this is the best place for your child.
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